How much does it cost to put my dog in for a day/week/month?

As we are a new daycare, our prices are sent on request. Please send us a quick query via our contact us page and we will send you our competitive price list.

What are your hours?

We operate on weekdays Monday - Friday. Dogs can be dropped off at our daycare between the hours of 7.30am - 9am in the mornings and picked up between 3pm - 6pm. If you require pick up/drop off times outside of these allocated hours, please speak to us on consultation and we can arrange something that suits.

We are a limited enrolment daycare and some days are busier than others so day booking slots will be offered on a first-in-first-served basis. 

Do you offer a deal if I have more than one dog in my household I would like to enrol? 

We do! Multi-dog households will be offered a special discounted rate for their second dog. Please contact us for our competitive price list. 

Can I come and view your facility before enroling my dog?

Absolutely! Consultations before enrolment are a free service we offer so you can see if the daycare will be a good fit for your dog and so we can see if they will be a good fit for our daycare. Send us a message via our website, an email at info@otiboatydreamland.co.nz or call us on 020 4064 9137 to organise a consultation time. 

Where is your facility located?

We are based in Warkworth, 2 minutes from The Grange, conveniently off the old highway. Exact location will be given after confirming a consultation time and date. 

Can any kind of dog come to your daycare?

Our daycare is built for small-medium size dogs so we do not currently have the capacity to take on certain larger breeds of dogs. There are however some exceptions to this rule (e.g. older dogs deemed docile by our team or low energy dogs). Please contact us if you have any queries about this. 

We accept dogs of all ages, so long as puppies have had their final vaccination and elderly dogs are in good enough health to enjoy their time at our daycare. 

We understand not all dogs enjoy or are good in a daycare environment. This is why we have a thorough consultation and offer a free trial day. Should we find your dog is not a good fit for our daycare on their consultation or free trial day (behavioural issues or showing signs of discomfort in a daycare environment), dogs will be dismissed for any future attendance at our discretion for the safety and well-being of your dog and all other dogs in our care. 


 Will I get to see photos of my dog having fun at your daycare? 

Absolutely! High-quality photos will be captured daily of all dogs at our daycare. As we have limited enrolment numbers at our daycare, we can create a more personal experience with our customers and their pups. Your dog is not just a number at our daycare, we will ensure all dogs are properly cared for in a one-on-one style so we can capture many images of your beloved dog and send them directly to you. 

What play facilities do you have for my dog?

Our daycare facility was built with your dogs enjoyment in mind. As dog parents ourselves with previous doggy daycare experience, we were able to create a doggy dreamland environment full of fun. We have a sand-pit, a large grassy area perfect for running around, toys galore, a rainbow tyre tunnel for zig zag zoomies, a ball-pit full of colourful balls (this is CEOtis' personal favourite!), a large leather couch as well as shady indoor and outdoor areas for naps when they've finished playing until their little hearts are content. 

See our gallery for photos of all these amazing features in our facility!

Do you offer pick up and drop off services?

Unfortunately at this stage this is not a service we offer. Dogs must be dropped off and picked up at the owners convenience. We are however looking to add this feature to our business in the near future!

My dog needs medication during the day, will you give it to them?

Of course! Your dogs health and well-being always comes first. Please disclose any health conditions or issues to us on consultation and will be happy to provide medication for your dog should they need it while in our care. 

Will someone be watching my dog at all times?

Absolutely! We have a strict, very limited number of dogs-per-handler rule which we will always follow. Your dogs enjoyment and well-being is our #1 priority which is why we have this rule in place. We are a family of dog lovers ourselves and want to make sure your dog is cared for as much as they would be in your own home. 

Does my dog need to be vaccinated in order to come to daycare? 

All dogs attending our daycare must have all their vaccinations and boosters up to date, including canine parvovirus, canine distemper, canine hepatitis, canine cough (kennel cough), and canine leptospirosis. 

All dogs must be also be treated for fleas and ticks within one week of arriving at our daycare. Should we find fleas or ticks on any dogs in our care on arrival, they will be denied entry to the daycare or will be isolated from other dogs, under supervision.

Does my dog need to be desexed? 

All dogs attending our daycare should be spayed/neutered at the age that your vet recommends is appropriate for their breed and size. Please speak to us on consultation if this is an issue. 

What if my dog joins and doesn't enjoy their time at daycare? 

We want your dog to love coming to play with us, but we understand not all dogs enjoy or are good in a daycare environment. We offer a free consultation where your dog will be able to test the waters with our pug, Otis. We want to make sure our daycare is a good fit for your dog and also make sure all dogs are a good fit for our daycare for the well-being and enjoyment of all dogs attending. A free trial day is also offered for this reason. 

Should your dog attend their trial day and show continual signs of distress during the day, you will be notified with honest feedback of how their day went. We want our daycare to be comfortable and fun for your dog. 

Do you offer training, grooming or overnight stays?

No, we do not currently offer any of these services.

Dogs will be washed and dried should they get dirty at our facility however we cannot fully groom your dog.

Our team are experienced dog lovers, however we do not offer formal training.

What if my dog becomes ill or is injured at daycare?

We keep a very close eye on your dog while in our care and decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis. Should your dog be injured or become ill while in our care, we will always contact you first. We are five minutes from the Paws & Claws Veterinary Clinic where we can take your dog quickly to be seen if deemed necessary.

If we notice any dogs with symptoms of any viral illnesses (e.g. kennel cough), your dog will immediately be isolated under supervision until you are able to come and collect them for the safety of all dogs in our care.