Kirstie & Otis the pug OtiBoaty Doggy Dreamland Owners & directors
Heya, I'm Kirstie, an avid dog lover and dog mum to CEOti-Boaty (Otis the pug). I am the proud owner and operator of OtiBoaty Doggy Dreamland. Otis the pug is the absolute light of my life, my baby boy and the main reason this business even exists. He's SO excited to be getting to play with so many friends at daycare! 
After working part-time at another Auckland based doggy daycare for a year, while also running my main dog-apparel business, I very quickly realised my passion for being with dogs all day and caring for them at daycare was what truly brought me the most joy. After leaving my job as a dog handler and photographer, my heart ached for the pups I cared for almost daily and I decided it was time to create my own Doggy Dreamland
My dog apparel business still exists, it's where the name 'OtiBoaty' comes from - my original business being 'OtiBoaty Boutique'. I decided to keep the name but rebrand as OtiBoaty Doggy Dreamland to bring together my passion for dog fashion and love for being around dogs to create a true Doggy Dreamland. This is how the daycare and boutique that is OtiBoaty Doggy Dreamland was born! You can see my creations on the boutique side of the business here
Having worked previously as head photographer and a dog handler at another daycare, as well as meeting and becoming friends with many dogs and their parents through my apparel business, I was able to bring my knowledge and experience from these previous doggy related endeavours and create this dream business. 
As a dog mum who has both put my own trust into a daycare to look after my own dog as well as worked in a daycare myself, I get how important it is that your dog be the main priority with their safety, well-being, fun and care always being the goal. Every aspect of the daycare was designed with this in mind. Our numbers are deliberately low with a very strict dogs-per-handler number rule which will always be in place for the safety of all dogs and handlers at OtiBoaty Doggy Dreamland.  I promise your dog will be met with as much love and care as if they were my own, the second they step onto our facility.
I love dogs more than anything on this earth, dogs will always be my priority and main source of happiness. I hope the love comes across in our facility, I can't wait to meet many more beautiful dogs and dog owners through my business!
The portrait photo included in this article is taken by my talented friend at Yellow Lab